Lose Your Last 10 Pounds

"I'm tired of hating my body" 

Have You Ever Heard Of Weight Loss Resistance? 

No? But I’ll bet you’ve felt it and just not known what it's called!

You know you are Weight Loss Resistant when you say:

‘Diets just don’t work for me - I end up putting on weight’  

‘I exercise all the time and never lose weight’  

‘I can never lose my tummy/bum/thighs’  

'Nothing every works, and I get heavier every year'

Again and again I have women come in to see us at Nosh Detox who are eating right, exercising regularly, not drinking (much), and yet still finding it impossible to lose weight. 

Women who find it impossible to get flat tummies - even when they can lose weight in other places.  

Women who cannot understand why they are at the TOP of their 'I need to lose weight range'. And their 'ideal weight' gets further away every year.  

Women for whom loving their bodies as it is feels very distant. 

And there is NO explanation for this anywhere.  

And it's exhausting always failing at weight loss. It's totally demoralising.  

Yes your hormones are different now. Yes your digestion doesn’t work as well. Yes you are more tired.  

Remove Bloating and your last 10lbs with our new Juice Fast Programme

The thing I kept asking myself is WHY?  

Why are we all struggling with this so much?  

Why are none of the normal methods for stablising our weight - or being a size smaller even - suddenly impossible? 

And no, I don’t buy its because of ageing. Or the time of the month. Or the weather.  

I want to know:  

Why does my digestion slow down? Who says it has to?

Why does the weight not shift? No matter how hard I try?

Why do I get tired more quickly? I'm doing all the right things.  

So, I started to experiment on different approaches and by accident I found the answer. It all started when we bought a new diagnostic machine.

We bought a spectrometer which measures your heavy metals and toxicity and I started checking every client when they came in the door. 

I noticed - WITH EVERY CLIENT - their levels of chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals were off the charts. High and staying high. In otherwise healthy bodies and healthy lifestyles - I don't really have clients who let themselves go. Generally my clients are well informed and put a premium on their health.  

  But these levels were getting higher not lower when we tracked them.

So I started doing research to try to understand why doesn't the body just dump these toxins? Our detox pathways in the body are good! They work automatically - and they work all the time. So why are people carrying higher and higher levels of toxins?  

And if you listen to many medical professionals, they will tell you this too. They state talking about toxins and toxic buildup is scaremongering. They believe that doing Cleanses and Detoxes are useless because the body clears its own rubbish.  

But here is the thing. Our toxins don't seem to be getting cleared. The levels just go up and up and we are seeing that in the way our bodies work.

(I also found out that we pass down all our heavy metal and pesticides from parent to foetus! So we can be carrying mercury that is a thousand years old.)  

And as we get older, or weaker, or even simply MORE STRESSED, our bodies find it hard to dump these toxins.  

lose your last 10lbs

WHY Can’t We Dump Toxins Naturally?

Well here is what I found out:  

1. We are overloaded with them on a daily basis - from every direction. Food, Water, Air just as a start.  

2. These types of toxins like heavy metals, burrow deeply into our bodies and are super hard to shift.  

3. Once burrowed into the body they cause a stress response in our organs and cells because they prevent them working naturally. This is on top the normal stress we have every day. And as you may know, Stress weakens the body hugely. It totally disrupts sleep and digestion.  

So we don't lose weight because our body is already doing too much in dealing with these toxins. We need to get rid of them and then our bodies start losing weight. 

I took all that research and found this out - a very specific process is needed to cleanse these toxins and using only very specific products. And once they are cleansed, your body starts to work normally again.  

 I'll say that again. Our clients bodies started to work normally again.  

They managed to:  

- Lose Weight Effortlessly - Keep the Weight off, even months later - Sleep through the night - Eat food without bloating - Think clearly again. 

Try it for yourself. Introducing our unique Deep Body Cleanse and Detox :-  

‘Lose Your Last 10 Pounds’

In this programme, I’ve created a unique, one-of-a-kind product to help you to remove a lot of these heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals. In just 5 days.

What Exactly Is In This Programme? 

'Lose Your Last 10 Lbs' is a 5 day Cleanse combining 3 days of a Juice Cleanse & 2 days of food  

It is unlike any other cleanse as it mixes specialist products like:  

Activated Charcoal lemonade - charcoal has a negative charge which causes positive charged toxins to bind to it so they can be pulled out of the body:

Ginger & Turmeric shot - turmeric is good for digestive issues and it can help the liver efficiently process metabolic wastes and toxins;  

Dulse seaweed - the newest superfood - this binds to radioactive elements and environmental toxins in the digestive tract and pulls them out of the body......and much, much more.  

As always when you click to order, we will deliver the entire programme to you, wherever you are. Ready to Drink and Eat.  

lose your last 10lbs

Will It Work For Me? 

Do you struggle to lose weight? This will benefit you.  

Do you have pockets of fat that don’t shift no matter how much you exercise? This will benefit you.  

Do you suffer from bloating? This will benefit you.  

If you live or work in an urban area - this will benefit you. In fact you need to do this at least 3 times a year.  


How Fast Does It Work? 

I have found that the cleanse starts working immediately. My clients and I have noticed the difference within 3 days.

My clients find: 

  • - They have lost weight and it stays off.
  • - They have clearer skin.  
  • - They think more clearly - no more brain fog.  
  • - They focus easier and get work done faster. 
  • - They just don't get tired as easily. 

Its easy to do. We deliver to your home ready to eat and drink:

x3 Days of Juices with added superfoods for 3 days

x2 Days of Fresh Food with specialist ingredients for 2 days

Click Below to start Losing Your Last 10lbs Today...as this programme is available for purchase for 7 Days Only.