10x RESET SYSTEM Lose 10 pounds, Get 10x More Energy, Work 10x Faster

  • Are you a woman over 40? 
  • Are you working too hard? 
  • Are you responsible for children, elderly parents, pets, everyone??? 
  • Do you wonder why this all stopped being FUN??
  • Do you want to be and feel more successful?

Can You Work Effectively When You're Exhausted?

Systemise your Self-Care

Conscious Leadership is so much more than just showing up.

It's showing up every single day at the top of your game. And then going home at night and doing it ALL again. But like everything, it gets harder and harder the older you get. And the busier you get. Ironically the more responsibility you have, the more you need to look after yourself - and the harder it is. 

But having a system? That helps you to build a life that is both successful and fun. The best way is to embed & personalise your system so it works just for you.  


Systemise Your Self Care

Just watching a video on how to eat does not help you. 

We give you a SYSTEM that takes you week by week to embed small changes into your habits. You LOSE weight, you FEEL better, you WAKE up with energy. With minimum effort. Every week of this training is focussed on implementing just ONE idea.

Baby, You're Not Alone

Systemise Your Self-Care

It's lonely at the top. It's even lonelier when you can't show vulnerability and weakness. YOU are not alone. You're working too hard, let us support and help you.

 We give you a safe space to learn in a community with shared support, love and laughter. Remember when being you was more fun? Its not supposed to be so hard!

We provide support 6 days a week, hacks, tips, shortcuts with an actual experienced person to call and help answer your questions. 

YOUR NEW WEIGHT LOSS, ENERGY & CONFIDENCE STARTS RIGHT NOW - With an Investment of Only 90 Mins a week

- Show up as a calm, confident Leader  

- Lose Weight. Gain the BODY of your dreams

- Eat Healthily and Cut out Sugar Cravings

- Heal Your Gut and stop Bloating after every meal

- Drive more success at work and in your intimate relationships

- Balance your hormones so you feel less .............crazy?


Make 2020 Different...

What Do Our Other Clients Say?

"The “unshedding” process for summer begins but with a much more positive outlook. 

Now that the school holidays have started, my energy levels are so much better, I can think clearly and cope with the challenges of three children speaking to me simultaneously whilst trying to meet their requests and without barking back at them! After the incredible Coaching experience with Geeta, it’s reminded how helpful and reliable I have found Nosh. Geeta’s words of wisdom frequently come back to me, like a trustworthy sister, carving the way and making one see life in a different but positive and manageable way. A big thank you to the Nosh team."

Carolyn Bischoff

"My confidence was low on all fronts.

After a high flying job in the city over 20 years I realised that it was time I put myself first as up until then I felt I had been at the mercy of everyone else’s actions. My energy was rock bottom, my confidence had reached an all time low, I was constantly exhausted. Geeta with all her tools assisted me in replacing that with renewed strength, energy and confidence."  

Shahin Virani

"I felt at the mercy of everyone else's actions.  

I truly felt no power over any circumstance, including, my marriage, my body, my health both physical and spiritual. In a few short months, Geeta provided me with better understanding of where I was and how I got there. She gave me tools and exercises to use everyday in my journey towards feeling my own power. My time with her during these sessions was absolutely priceless!  

I would recommend her coaching to everyone! Because at some point in our lives we all need a course correction and NO ONE knows how to provide that guidance like Geeta!"

Belinda Gunter 

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Order Summary
10x RESET Weight Loss
10x RESET Weight Loss


When was the last time you looked at the beliefs that run your life? When did you last consciously set up systems that work for you as an adult woman? Or have you, like so many of us, just adapted to your changing life as it comes up.

We believe LIVING should be enjoyable, even if there's a little hustle involved. (And we'll take care of sorting that for you) 

We don't believe in diets or one-and-done boot camps or suffering silently. We believe in building lives, habits, SYSTEMS based on rules that are so enjoyable, you'll have no trouble sustaining them for weeks and years on end.

Simply put, we believe in giving you the tools to live happily and healthily ever after.

HOW IT WORKS - In Only 90 Minutes a Week

When you start to IMPLEMENT the 10x RESET you will learn - often for the first time - how to balance your diet, what daily easy food choices to make, how to manage when you do something 'wrong' get the right amount of energy to get through your day with joy and be so much MORE SUCCESSFUL with all the tools you need to transform your lifestyle. All online.

Weekly Plan I get it. You are just too busy to add MORE upheaval into your life. So we dont do that to you at all. You get just 1 weekly change to implement and add to your calendar. It then automatically fits in around your other commitments. You need 90 minutes a week. We teach using video, workbooks and calls. Live anywhere in the world! 

Age Appropriate After 40 a woman's body is a very different beast to before 40. Your hormones change, your appetite changes, exercise makes no difference and your BODY WON'T LISTEN! Eat and live for the age you are now. It must be obvious that the 'old ways' don't work anymore. What else can you/are you going to do about it? 

'Health is Wealth' Event Our unique 1 day Mastermind to put together all your learnings into an actual plan for you to work from daily. No heavy lifting needed. We will be meeting in a gorgeous Central London Location on a Saturday. Don't worry if you miss it, or live out of London, we film it and are holidng 2 more events this year you can attend. Come to the event that suits you best.

Nutrition Confidence Food was just never meant to be so complicated! Imagine the joy of never counting calories and ALWAYS knowing what to eat and what to feed your family. Always know the right amounts of essential nutrients for you all to have tremendous ENERGY. Eat right for your life.

Experts & Support Everything you do, you turn to an Expert. This is no different. Cut corners and get to the solution faster working with a team with over 12 years experience innovating in the natural health space. We work with a HUGELY experienced Expert Panel ranging from health, hormones, gut healing, Medical professionals. Everyone at your fingertips. Everyone online.

Community Here, you're never alone when your body, hormones and life is changing. Every single woman has or is going to go through this. Some of them actually have the answers for what worked for them before. Our experts definitely do. Join them in this system and on our FB group. 

Or Do You Need To Hear More?

"I am so much more confident now! From the first session, Geeta worked to increase my confidence and performance both personally and professionally. I felt she immediately understood me, and the challenges in the corporate world and together we worked to gain clarity, insight and focus on how I can get the most out of life."

Erin McEachren  

"I’ve really struggled over the last 18 months with my energy levels and this has impacted every facet of my life.  

Working with Geeta @Nosh we looked holistically to address the problem and honed in on the quality of my nutrition. Sounds obvious but it wasn’t that simple. It was about identifying the right nutrient rich foods that would give me the most bang for the buck in terms of energy – while also keeping me sated during the day. With some small changes and a bit of Geeta recipe inspiration my energy levels are not only up – but consistent through the day."

Sarah Thomas 

Don't Get Left Out - Make 2020 Different........


Your 6 week course plus a FULL day 'Health is Wealth' event in person with Geeta Sidhu-Robb where you personally test and implement your system is just £297.  

Take just 90 minutes a week for yourself.

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